Cameron Sims


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The weekend is fast approaching. The couple of days leading up to it are turning strange, with small occurrences that most people will shrug off as they go about their daily routines. That is, until they can no longer ignore them.Mike and his wife, Shelly, are dealing with their teenage children. One is planning to go out shopping and gallivant with her best friend, the other is content with hooking up with his best friend and getting lost all weekend in some otherworldly realm, gaming their life away. Mike and Shelly are trying to plan a quiet weekend around the house, sitting on the front porch, watching their little town come alive every morning, watching life ebb and flow.But the strange occurrences will become more intense with each passing day, until Mike and Shelly find themselves falling further into the very depths of hell. They both will bear witness to many horrific events that will shake them to their cores, leaving them to wonder about the fates of family, friends, and all of humanity.