Shut-Up & Sell!


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Too much talking and too little listening is a typical practice of too many sales executives. Common sense suggests that having two ears and one mouth is a clear indication that they should be used in that proportion?particularly in professional selling. But then again, common sense just isn?t so common, is it? As a result of goals and incentives combined with a natural competitive nature, salespeople are often driven to be fast-talking, self-centered, high-pressure individuals, causing their integrity to be compromised. Selling with integrity is perceived as an oxymoron, because ordinary salespeople approach the sales process like it?s a competitive sport?where there is a winner and a loser and the entire game is played on the defensive. But extraordinary sales professionals engage in the art of combining integrity with passion and focus on meeting their clients? needs versus their own needs, by not trying to fit square pegs into round holes! Shut-Up & Sell encourages sales specialists to incorporate an integrity-focused approach to professional selling based on common-sense principles depicted in humorous, real-life examples. It begins with a sincere interest to meet a need and develops into a mutually beneficial relationship. In sales, walking the tightrope of attaining desired professional accomplishments while maintaining personal integrity is a bold yet achievable balance that when perfected, results in genuine ultimate success!