Singleman 15:1


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Kevin Singleman struggled for years with occasional outbursts of anger. Newly married, his wife, Laura, provides a calming influence. In his Bible reading, Kevin comes across Proverbs 15:1 (“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger”) and is intrigued with how it relates to the current contentious world. It’s an election year, and the two presidential candidates are opposites. Monique du Pays is female, conservative, black and refuses to participate in confrontational dialogue. Paul Manley is populist, male, liberal, White and very direct. Their campaigns reflect their personalities. Manley leads right up until Election Day and seems to have power in numbers. But du Pays’s nonconfrontational approach and message of faith, hope, and love resonates with people who are tired of widespread anger and hatred, and she carries the day. Through various events in his own life, Singleman learns the value of a gentle answer. Read the story to find out how he’s rewarded for his efforts.