Six-Six to Redemption


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In 1992 Lemuel Russell was given a ten-year sentence for drugs. He was rebelliant and blamed God for destroying his life.But in 1993, talking to a Christian brother he realized God was not to blame for the things that he had done while living for the Devil. He wishes to share his story through poems and summaries of events as God guided him to write and some of what it is like to live in prison without your loved ones.I was named after my dad, my grandmother named him Lemuel out of the bible, proverbs chapter 31.He believes that if he had paid more attention as a child when grandma and mom read to him from proverbs, he would have never found himself in prison. His mom always tried to lead him to God by taking him to church and reading a story out of the bible every night and making sure he said his prayers, so I would like to dedicate this book to my loving mother who is now in heaven, Francis Elizabeth Harper.