Stone Thrower

Laurie D. Fisher


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As the days and times that we live in grow more and more evil, we, who profess to be Christians or Christ-like, can learn from God’s Word how to be a stone thrower of the God-kind like David and not a stone thrower like the teachers of the law and the religious Pharisees who tried to trap Jesus into saying something incriminating so that they could bring charges against him.David was a stone thrower of the God-kind, and in the eyes of man, he looked insignificant but his heart having been tested and tried was found to be undivided and loyal and he was willing and obedient to fight for God’s righteous cause, defeating the enemy of God. “For the eyes of the LORD run back and forth throughout the whole earth (eretz,) to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him” (2 Chronicles 16:9 HNV).God is looking for these stone throwers of a God-kind who he can show himself strong in and through in these last days. They are God-seekers, God-lovers, who are humble, willing, loyal, faithful, and courageous. They are obediently led by his Spirit to fulfill God’s plan, always making their boast in the Lord and giving all the glory to God. Through this book, you will see the process that David went through in preparing him to fight for God’s righteous cause. I strongly believe that as you read this book, you will receive understanding that everything in life that you have been through was not for your demise and how God can turn it all around and use it for his good to prepare you for his great exploits in these last days. My prayer for you is that your heart will be stirred to believe that perhaps “you—yes, you—are a stone thrower of the God-kind in the making.”