Succession: Sequel to Time-Trapped in the Attic


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Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it, and it might not be as wonderful as you thought. Freddreese Campton made a wish for more mystery because she thought her charming house in Shreveport, Louisiana, would become boring after all of the drama from Time-Trapped in the Attic. She never bargained for links between long ago narratives and present day suspense. The mysteries continue in this book as she, her best friend, her boyfriend, her neighbor, her boss, new friends, and new foes struggle to correct the past or try to steal the clues that would solve the conundrums.Can Freddreese restore order to her home and finally clear the cobwebs from her attic? Find out in Succession (Sequel to Time-Trapped in the Attic), the second of the wildly, inventive, lighthearted mystery novels that will transfix you with their otherworldly twists and spirited sense of fun.