Frank Sunshadow Curtis


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Storytelling brings young and old into one place. The faces of the children and adults take in the story, using the mind’s eye to bring images in the story to life. They can share their views of the value and moral of the story at the end. Children can see things much differently than adults, a good time for lessons to be learned. The stories and songs in Sunshadow: Whispers from the Elders depict Native American grandparents teaching their grandchildren the ways and laws of the tribes in the early 1700s and passing on the words of the Elders and Creator. The stories and songs here are whimsical and serious, but with a moral and happy ending. Although the stories and characters are fictional, the tribes and locations are real. Frank’s Native American background stems from his Penobscot grandmother, Addie Huntoon Curtis, and Chippewa grandfather Oscar P. Curtis, while the storytelling comes from his mother, Ruth and father Frank Curtis, inspiration from his wife Ellen and son Braden Tan Curtis. Frank’s storytelling is grounded in a love and respect for the Native Peoples who teach the “good way of life.” Safe journey to all. ―Sunshadow