Survival Training for the Neophyte

Rudy Radillo


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This book is especially designed for the unprepared, to teach them how to survive any emergency. I refer to these individuals as neophytes. I hope to teach them how to handle a crisis and survive, whether or not they decide to stay at home or take their chances in the wild. It is written for those individuals who do not have the time to really prepare and practice the skills necessary to survive but have a strong desire to stay alive. This type of individuals usually gets their information to solve any problem through the internet. If you are one of this type of individuals, all you need is this book. You will be taught about basic survival skills, how to find or make shelter, how to purify water, how to build a fire, how to prepare your food, and many other things. Along with this book you need to put together a bugout pack (BOP). The BOP will allow you to survive three to five days, and even longer. An inexperienced individual will certainly die without this book and a fully loaded BOP. Your survival chances increase exponentially with these two items. I give you here the tools to make your survival possible and the knowledge to thrive.