The Abuelo Books

Annie Schout


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The Abuelo Books were written as a companion book to The Yaya Books. Just as The Yaya Books describes the loving relationship that the little boy shares with his grandmother, The Abuelo Books shows the love and respect that the little boy also shares with his grandfather.In Book 1, “My Abuelo’s Country Store,” the readers are given a glimpse of the way of life of the little boy’s grandfather as the little boy tells about how he helps his grandfather in his country store. Working with Abuelo, his grandfather, the little boy learns lessons in stocking the shelves, helping the customers, and counting the money at the end of the day.In Book 2, “Abuelo’s Red Truck and The Big Fish Story,” the readers once again are shown the love and respect that the little boy and his grandfather have for each other, as Abuelo tells him the story of Big Fish in the same way that it was told to him when he was a boy.The Abuelo Books were written in both English and Spanish so that the readers may enjoy reading them in the language that they are most comfortable with. The “Translated Words Index” at the back of the book includes a list of the Spanish and English words for counting numbers and money in addition to the general words translation. The Abuelo Books are books that you will enjoy reading with your children and grandchildren over and over again.