The Awakening

H.W. Walker


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In the first book of the Evolution Wars, the first man to become fully awake is suddenly shocked into becoming awake in the second of two dreams. The first dream was of four passenger jets all sitting on a tarmac at an airport. He saw the airport break up around them, and they all fell into darkness. Three days later, the four jets all crashed in the 9-11 attacks. The second one years later was even stronger, waking him violently from his sleep. This also woke his wife, and he told her he’s had another true dream.After trying to get her to believe him by telling her of the first dream years ago, she still did not believe him. In trying to calm him, she said, “Okay, tell me again. I will listen to the whole dream. I promise.” With her promise, he reached for her, and when they touched physically, their minds also touched. She relived the two dreams with him in seconds. From that moment on, they could speak to each other’s minds without words. He started working on a plan to escape the city as they both saw all the death and destruction coming today. After they merged, he stared calling his family members in town and his sister living in the south. First his oldest daughter, and then he set about getting things ready to flee the city. They were the first to wake up!The earth had been visited by alien races for many years. The two races were at war, and it had come to earth. The crash at Roswell was the result of one of the ships crashing. The government recovered one dead body and three living beings which they had been holding at a secret holding facility in Nellis Air Force Base. Most believe it’s at Area 51. The reason they were here was to stop human’s evolution. The one race saw them as a threat. So to stop them, they made deals with the government. They gave them access to new technologies, computers, and new aircraft designs. They were responsible for all the modern wonders they lost in their attack. The purpose of their gifts was to give them items that would slow and eventually stop their growth as a race. They also nursed the negative feeling they suffered from hate, bigotry, and many darker emotions to keep them at war with themselves.