The Beach


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One day a boy decides to take a perilous journey to search for the place where all dreams come true and a sanctuary for hearts to rest in peace. The Beach was this magical place. The boy had never seen the beach before but heard stories of it and imagined fantasies of what it would be like to one day be there. Being born an orphan he was forced to live on his own and fend for himself, so finding such a place would bring tranquility to his uneasy heart. With nothing but the stars in the sky as a map and the sun as a compass, he set off to seek his heart’s answers and follow his dreams. To get to the beach, the boy must first cross unforgiving lands and terrains such as jungles, hills, and plains that are hazardous to be venturing in. Next would be the many hostile animals he will encounter on the way that would put his own life at risk. Through the midst of never-ending danger no heart walks alone, many come to the refuge of the boy, such as a momma jaguar, and new friends, such as Melvin, his horse friend. These new friendships showed the boy what it’s like to have a loving family and become part of something greater than themselves. The adventure is one that will allow the boy to look inside of himself and find out where he fits in this world of many. Journey alongside the boy as he searches for the beach and rediscover what it means to have a heart and to have the courage to follow your own dreams.