The Bully


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Friends from birth. A secret comes to light. A seed recently fallen has taken root. It has grown. What was once unseen is now all but unquestionable. Almost insurmountable. It has almost become a divider between lifelong friends.A secret born of fear must come to light.A friendship bonded through time must stand the test of hopelessness. For at the end of this day, friendship must get Lazar through his most darkest of nights. Only his friendship with his best friend Jingles will help Lazar overcome his fear, and bring him into the dawn of tomorrow’s grace once more.Jingles can help, if Lazar lets him. Jingles would help, if Lazar asked him. The only question remains, will Lazar open up and let the one closest to him help? Or will he keep the secret of “The Bully” all to himself?