The Distant Lighthouse

Linda Gallagher


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What happens to us when we forget something? Some of us may become frustrated, irritated, angry, or fearful. “Where did I leave my keys, my car, my life? What is this life really all about?” This is a story of a lighthouse who was placed in the middle of the ocean with a wonderful purpose. But one day that purpose was forgotten.This is the journey of that lighthouse, and possibly yours, of once again remembering and how sweet that is.Exquisite! Worth every penny, effort and intention. It glows with love, kindness, and ultimate trust and surrender. Thank you for sharing your divine light and truth. Your book has cast a lighted path my way.—Bob BeckerBob Becker Marketing & CommunicationsBethel, ConnecticutThis wonderful story has opened my heart and has gotten me to really take a look at my “old ideas” about my life and purpose. It is helping me to “step up” my faith and recognition of the light that is living in me. I am very grateful for this book assisting me to change “my story” to a happier ending.—Ron RodriguesRetired state farm agentMartinez, CaliforniaThe Distant Lighthouse is truly a treasure! What a beautiful and inspiring book this is! The illustrations, the art, the lovely script in the writing and the lighthouse remembering, “Every time I shine, I will experience freedom and bliss!” What a sweet, simple way for us to remember who we truly are…just to know I am the light. It is the real me! I love it!—Mary Lynn PetersUnity Prayer ChaplainPenn Valley, CaliforniaJust got the book…magnificent! It is beautiful and such an expression of divine truth and beauty! Soo inspiring! I am inspired!!”—Mary FrilotRetired nurseTucson, Arizona