The Dragonfly and Me

Donald Green


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On any given lazy summer afternoon, a child might look up and wonder why dragonfly’s flit across the sky so quickly. What are they doing? Where are, they going? Why are they in such a hurry? Add a little folklore, a little magic and wonder and a genuine concern for what is happening in our world, and you have an adventure.Questions and wonder are answered through meetings with creatures who care for and inhabit the wild parts of the world. Each has a job to do, and each has a responsibility to others of their kind. Each character cares for their world and does what they can to monitor the wild and help mitigate the dangers and the changes which are happening to the world we all inhabit. Through meeting these evocative characters, and the adventures shared with each, we learn that we too are affected by the ecological changes occurring in our world. Inspiring our youth through personal experiences, particularly through the use of storytelling, stimulates their imagination. When given motivation and direction, they too can become agents for change. By educating themselves the child learns how to effect change for the good through their own efforts and enlisting the help of others.Everyone learns through their experiences, which include reading and engaging with others to make positive changes. This story reflects our shared need to see things that should be modified for the benefit of all, and finding a way to make those changes not only possible but, attainable as well. Grollen, Gretchen, Mukuee, Sylvia, and Baron, all await meeting you in person and helping you see things a little differently.