The Failure of Death


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In The Failure of Death, John records the greatest conflict planet earth has ever experienced. It is not a conflict between nations or peoples, nor a conflict involving military weapons. It is a conflict for the hearts and souls of all men everywhere. It is a conflict in the spiritual dimension of reality that has raged on since the beginning of time, a conflict between good and evil, right and wrong.The Jewish leadership had grown to hate Jesus. Several times they had tried, unsuccessfully, to put a stop to His influence over men. The prophetic words of Caiaphas the high priest had finally come to fruition, “It is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation should not perish.”Jesus had finally been arrested, “tried” and crucified to appease the will of the Jewish leadership. Victory had finally been achieved in stopping the madness of The Way. The head of the snake had been cut off.John focuses our attention around two major players as the events of Jesus’ crucifixion unfold, Peter and Pilate. With Peter a clear contrast is drawn between One suffering and dying and the other lying and denying. Pilate’s struggle, who is caught up in the tangled web of the Jews, is expressed in the profound question, “What is truth?” Yet Pilate turns and walks away before the One who is “the truth” has a chance to respond.Neither Peter or Pilate, nor anyone expected that the One who had been crucified and buried would raise from the dead. The failure of death rocked the world in the first century and it continues to rock our world today. John concludes his gospel with the redemption of the lying denier. Pilate, on the other hand, is left on the trash pile of history. As you read, you will be caught up in the trauma and emotions of the events that unfold. Will the failure of death be your final reward? Like Peter and Pilate, you also have a choice!