The Faith Revolution in the Epistle to the Romans

Carl Burch

The structure and content of the defining document of Christian belief made clear.A guide for studying, teaching, and preaching God’s truth. The doctrinal structure of Romans is made clear by an easy-to-follow outline, which provides a guide for each topic and key words that capture the meanings contained in the great epistle.Also, there are five reasons to believe the resurrection of Jesus.An understanding of Romans is essential for growth and confidence for the Christian.To help you understand the Gospel in depth and support your determination to remain strong in the faith during times of trouble. The six-section outline shows the doctrinal framing work of the great Roman epistle. Each part has descriptive title, with illumination subtitles that trace the content and clear explanations that make meaning understood.The use of key words and verse references make the text content readily available. Also, there are five reasons to believe the resurrection of Jesus, in the first chapter, and reasons to trust the authorship of Paul and Matthew. The complete text of Romans is included for easy access.