The Four Loves of Alyssa – The Love Story of Renewal


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Follow Alyssa on her journey of her four loves that she encounters during a period in her life.The first love is Justin, an immature boyfriend with whom she has a passionate love life. She?s thrilled with their relationship, as is Justin, until he discovers an unforgivable secret about Alyssa. Come with us and discover why Justin immediately broke off his relationship with Alyssa. Needless to say, Alyssa is devastated by Justin?s actions. Find out if Alyssa?s successful of winning back Justin?s heart.Alyssa?s second love is Ethan, a manager at a health club. Follow their adventure to the beach as they share their story of courtship. When they return, Alyssa accepts his advances and within a year, Alyssa gives birth to her third love, their son, Joshua. Shortly after Joshua?s birth, Ethan passes away.Alyssa is devastated by Ethan?s death and attends a grief support meeting. Experience with Alyssa the process she encounters attending the meetings, and the bearing that it has on her life. Observe firsthand of how she confronts her grief for Ethan and her all-important recovery process. Stand with her as she learns how to cope with her new life without Ethan.Alyssa meets her fourth love, Jason, at a grief support meeting. Discover the three coincidences that are a surprise to them, drawing them closer every day. Follow Alyssa and Jason as they experience the challenges of life without their former spouses. Observe their patience and love as they adjust to their new life together.Follow Justin?s life, discovering his true feelings since Alyssa hurt him. As he continues his womanizing ways, his night stand fills with trophies of his conquests. Find out if his merry-go-round of feelings and women will ever stop.