The Inventor

Beverly Blackman


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There is another security breach between Earth and Xeracik, the first two planets to actually exchange intellectual information and form an alliance. The large historic oak tree on Grandpa’s Texas ranch, which was being used as a portal between the two planets, has unwillingly delivered something to Earth. Yes, the tree was beginning to show signs of human emotions. It actually tried to stop the delivery. After an unwelcome entrance to Earth is made, there begins a threat of an all-out war between the planets.Rex Jr. is an innocent bystander who arrives at Mr. “Grandpa” Olson’s ranch to see his uncle Rex. His uncle watches over Sam the tree portal, and when Rex Jr. arrives for a Thanksgiving visit, he accidentally gets involved in the catastrophic mishap. Fortunately for all involved on both planets, Rex Jr. is a science student who enjoys inventing things and entering science fairs. He was named after his uncle, and both ironically have the same first name as the ranch owner, Mr. Rex Olson, “Grandpa Rex”. Grandpa Rex and his grandsons have been involved in the first four alien encounters and would rather not be involved anymore, but they do not have a choice.If you were thrown into a situation involving visitors from another planet, would you try to run away, or would you be curious to know more about these strange beings? Rex Jr. has always been wanting to figure things out. He is a little nervous when he is all alone, confronting an alien, but as he stands beside Sam the tree portal, he doesn’t run away. He begins asking the strange being one question after another. It has been named Kitty B by Grandpa Rex Olson. As Kitty B does things to try to unnerve Rex Jr., Rex Jr. just becomes more intent on understanding what is going on.Rex Jr. and the Xeracik laboratories come up with a very unusual invention. Read to find out what happens in this fifth of the Earth/Xeracik encounters.