The Long Journey to Glory

Reynaud D. Jones


The Long Journey to Glory My Side of the Jacksons’ Story seeks to finally set the record straight as to who discovered Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. The book describes the truth about the real beginning of the Jackson singing group and Michael and their climb to fame. It will include the story of the Jacksons, from the family’s very meager beginning in Gary, Indiana, like it has never before been told. We learn more about Joe, the father, and also the neighborhood he chose to live in. There are details surrounding the neighborhood, the little community’s Little League baseball teams, the long days of practicing their music in the basement of a neighbor’s home, the deceptive maneuvers used by Tito Jackson to develop his guitar-playing skills, and finally, the events surrounding the talent show at Gary’s Roosevelt High School that introduced the Jacksons. The story is told by the original unknown member and leader of the group.The Jacksons continue to perform to this day. Although refined by experience and technology, the act has not essentially changed from its inception. In the early days, no one except their families knew about their rehearsals. They couldn’t practice together at Joe’s house, but they did practice at Reynaud’s house. Since they were using his basement and he was the oldest, he automatically made himself the leader. They decided they would surprise Joe with their progress. Before then, the Jackson family wasn’t charismatic to the neighbors. The neighborhood was booming with children, and the majority of them laughed teasingly at the Jacksons. There were nine Jackson children at the time living in a two-bedroom basement less house with their parents.