The Mahogany Chest

Marla Sanford


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Orphaned at the age of four, Briony was raised by her grandparents in the family cottage on Daehln, a world like our modern earth. With their love and support, she overcomes her loss, becoming a strong young woman with an artistic flair. When her beloved Grannie passes away, her life is forever transformed. From nurturing gods to the darkest demons, from treasured keepsakes in a mahogany chest to strangers lurking in the shadows, her days are filled with darkness and adventure.What really happened to her parents all those years ago? Why is she so drawn to the secret pool hidden deep in the trees behind her home? Why do so many people want Grannie’s mahogany chest? As she slowly unravels the secrets of her past, she discovers her mystical roots and is swept into war against the Taken, the forsaken ruled by their dark Master.Friendship and loyalty are put to the test as danger creeps ever closer, but the first blush of romance will strengthen her resolve. When she journeys to the Garden to meet the Guardians, four creator gods who protect the five interconnected worlds in their realm, she discovers a powerful ally. Is she the last of her family? Can she prevent the Taken from securing Grannie’s treasures? Will others suffer for her efforts? Twists and turns await the reader as her story unfolds.