The Making of a Business Leader

Ron Nash


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Most books about the information technology industry highlight the legendary stories of the colorful and ego-driven entrepreneurs who founded companies and became billionaires. This book takes a different look at the industry and instructs the reader on how to develop the leadership skills which will allow them to succeed in this fast-paced, competitive, innovative, high-talent industry.The author is a veteran leader who has been CEO of several information technology companies and has worked with a number of the legendary characters of this industry. Through a series of experiential stories, he gives practical, understandable lessons in developing the business skills and patterns of thinking that will allow a person to enhance their leadership skills in this industry.Ron Nash takes you along on his journey from being a tentative new employee to a talented CEO. Along the way, you will meet famous leaders such as Ross Perot, Mort Meyerson, and Jim Cannavino, and will understand how they built their companies to be huge successes. This highly readable and enjoyable book will give you solid lessons on leadership, as well as a broad view of how information technology companies and fortunes are built.