The Million-Dollar Marriage – The Workbook


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Hopefully you enjoyed the experience of reading my book, The Million-Dollar Marriage: Destroying the Spirit of Divorce. Knowledge was given to obtain interpersonal awareness and successful interpersonal relationships with the goal of marriage. This workbook is an extension of The Million-Dollar Marriage. The Million-Dollar Marriage – The Workbook gives additional knowledge and tools to be effective with how and when one should make the transitions with their significant other from dating to courting to the engagement. People operate and function from the Seven Core Perspectives. Therefore, the two becoming one (Amos 3:3) will need to have knowledge and be in agreement with these perspectives. They are Emotional, Social, Psychological, Spiritual, Physical, Economics, and Policies-and-Procedures. This workbook is going to be a tool for individuals to acquire the six elements of Emotional Intelligence: • Self-Awareness• Self-Control• Social Awareness• Social Management• Attention• Vision and Outlook This gives one the capacity to have the skill for mindfulness with the Seven Core Perspectives to execute your Koinonia Prenuptial Agreement for the success of marriage; not the failure. One will have clarity in preparation of their covenant with a design based on Biblical academics. Ultimately, the goal is to reflect God, which is Love, while destroying the spirit of divorce—one mind at a time.