The Perfect Sacrifice


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Some of my most famous moments happen right in front of a group of youngsters acting out a bible skit. How enjoyable to watch their engagement in each lesson: hoping they would acquire and apply principles of biblical truths in their own lives.During my childhood, I especially delighted in storytellers with a “knack” for reading with whimsical and dramatic flair. They captured my imagination and drew me deeper into the narrative. THE PERFECT SACRIFICE takes place on a hillside pasture in Israel after the Crucifixion of Christ. It is sure to• Captivate audiences with its delightfully refreshing story format, told from the perspective of a mother ewe lamb and her twins;• Leave a memorable impression of the far-reaching implications of the Crucifixion of Christ;• Excite and engage minds while maintaining integrity of the Word.It is my hope that as you enjoy the story, it will heighten your appreciation of Christ work on the cross and also spark creativity, curiosity and imagination in you.