The Price of Fame

Cathy Simpson


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After a near-death experience, Sara Miller decides to confess her past indiscretions to her family. Her children will learn the truth about their mother and what she did to survive during a tragic time in her young adult life. Sara’s pride, up until now, had kept these choices a secret, but life has a way of changing our plans whether we like it or not. Even though her actions were an attempt for a better life, Sara knew that her family could be destroyed by what they were about to hear that day. Ironically, her purging will prove to become a portal for the entire family to cleanse themselves and maybe help the family to heal. Only time will tell. There is a part of Sara Miller in everyone. We all want the best life possible for ourselves, and when we have a family, we sometimes try to manipulate their futures and ignore what they might want for themselves. Although many of Sara’s plans succeeded to a certain degree, the price would be costly. Our primary role should be to give our children the opportunity to grow and mature and to honor their own dreams, not ours. In the end, we might be surprised to find out that they are both the same. All we can do is to love and protect them unconditionally and sit back and enjoy the ride.