The Real Estate Mentor

Debbie Remington


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Real Estate Mentor follows the journey of Amy Barnes, an aspiring real estate agent in Texas. After years of dreaming of becoming a real estate agent, Amy leaves her job at a local children’s hospital admissions office to follow her dream. Armed with the drive to succeed and the support of her family and broker-mentor, Amy begins to learn what it takes to become a success in life and in real estate. The lessons she learns along the way propel her to a rewarding first year in real estate and place Amy in the driver’s seat of her own destiny.The weekly lessons taught to Amy by her broker, Judy Everett, over breakfast at a local cafĂ©, provide a roadmap to a successful real estate career. By following Judy’s step-by-step practical approach, Amy is able to focus her efforts and energy on the things that matter most. By explaining the importance of great negotiation skills, time blocking, and continued network engagement, Judy is able to draw a clear picture of what life as a successful real estate professional really looks like and the sacrifices that are necessary along the way.