The Story of Yani’s Goal

Kathy Suerken and John Suerken


Yani is a young child who does not know how to make decisions or solve problems on his own. Despite his lack of self–confidence, when the queen of his kingdom is captured and taken to the island of Herrt, he is determined to find a way to rescue her. In his adventurous journey to achieve that goal, he encounters a wise and kind teacher along with her unique and creative helpers. With simple, visual tools, they enable him to develop the skills, self–confidence and resilience he needs to make and follow through on responsible choices. Young children will not only be engaged by the story but will also learn thinking and communication tools that they can use every day in real life. The story has a moral: You can achieve your goals in life if you think through your actions so that they lead to win–win solutions to problems. First in a series, this book focuses on conflict resolution and responsible decision making.