Through Angel’s Eyes


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Are they accidents, or is someone trying to harm her? Could a God she’s not even sure exists really help protect her? Or would He assist a believer in taking revenge?These, as well as other questions, confront Angel Turner as she struggles to fit an eighteen-hour workday into twelve hours while tending to a sick orphan. When Detective Emerson enters her life, she finds her whole world turned upside down as he pushes her to face the fears of her past and confront the current challenges. However, when she discovers that their past may be connected, she wonders if he has an ulterior motive.As Angel is confronted with one challenge after another and finds herself in a deadly situation with no hope for escape, she turns to God with a plea for help.This one-hundred-thousand-word novel is for any young adult/adult who enjoys a good Christian mystery. Clues are woven within the story to help identify the antagonist, but unless you pay close attention, they’ll slip right by. Within the pages of this novel, you will also find people dealing with the challenges regarding their faith, as well as what one person considers an actual experience of divine intervention.