Tiffany’s Space Man

John Boshard


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Torrey Utah is one of world’s best kept secrets, or at least it’s one of the United States best kept secrets. The town of Torrey is the western gateway to Capital Reef National Park. Torrey is surrounded by gorgeous splendor. There are towering red rock cliffs on the north; incredible mountain vistas to the south, west and Northwest. Capitol Reef National Park is on the east. The cleanest air, purest water, best hunting and fishing and the nicest people are found in and very close to Torrey. But; this is not a story about Torrey. This is a story about a young girl named Tiffany; an ‘ALIEN’ and her family whom just happen to live on the outskirts of the town. Tiffany’s family is a large family with, five boys, three girls, a horse, a dog, two cats, two calves, a milk cow, a turkey, a rooster, and no one knows how many chickens. I happen to know about this story because I was there; or at least I was close by. It’s a true story as far as I’m concerned but please be courteous and don’t tell anyone that I said so.