True to America

Lana Burkhart


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When a proposed casino is designed to lure Midwest gamblers away from wagering their dollars in Las Vegas, fierce support and opposition erupts to building a casino on the banks of the Mississippi near a wildlife area and the confluence of America’s two largest rivers.Former military policeman Ryan Reilly, who owns a small farm separating the proposed casino and the wildlife area, joins forces with Park Ranger Jennifer Jordan to prevent the casino from being built. Reilly and Jordan risk their lives in a dangerous struggle against crooked politicians, violent mobsters, an unscrupulous campaign operative, and a Mexican drug cartel—all of who are determined to win at any cost an election allowing voters to approve or deny the casino’s construction.The turbulent intensity of the campaign leads to the murders of individuals deeply involved in both sides of the issue. The author’s unique twist at the end of the story is unexpected by those desiring the casino and those who do not.