Unseen Forces

Howard J. Levinson


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Cell phones, tablets and computers come with a warning and the government is betting you don’t care.”The use of this device may cause a change in thought patterns. This device carries a risk of serious personal injury including death. Use with caution.”Unhinged and fueled by revenge, rogue scientist Dr. Samantha Pruitt, has developed technology that manipulates the properties of sound waves. In her hands, the simple pleasure of streaming music or attending a concert can result in a change in the listener’s behavior. Even more ominous than brainwashing, Dr. Pruitt’s device turns invisible, harmless sound waves into something as focused and deadly as a sniper’s bullet. She enlists the assistance of Rickey and Mark, two Millennial rock musicians down on their luck. Set up like a bowling pin, they become entangled in her plans and are unwitting accomplices in multiple murders. The government recognizes the value of weaponizing Dr. Pruitt’s technology. They will stop at nothing to obtain it. As the government moves in, Rickey and Mark must forge a treacherous path that offers no guarantee for their success or survival. Howard Levinson’s newest novel “UNSEEN FORCES…Phone Rings-Text Dings-Band Sings…You Die!” is a sharp, slim, and savage crime novel featuring working class protagonists, an amoral government, and a plausible method of execution. Indie Reader Review: 4.7 stars (out of 5).Who hasn’t wondered whether the strings of one’s life are being manipulated by someone else? If you do bother to question what is going on behind the curtain, “UNSEEN FORCES” is the book for you. As I read, I was hauntingly reminded of my own experience with the forces of government that can lift you up as easily as it can take you down. Levinson has a flair for setting the stage with endearing characters and deftly charted real-life situations that will draw you in and hold onto you throughout. Jeffrey Sterling – Author, “Unwanted Spy, The Persecution of an American Whistleblower”