Venting Made Easy

Val Richardson


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The title reflects the complete frustration of progressive voters who find Trump’s presidency devastating to our country.The rhymes hardly qualify as poetry. They are just rhyming stuff that make great “reading to vent by,” short pointed jabs at many political figures and policies.Many are reminiscent of the old Burma–Shave progressive roadside signage, such as:Obsessing over bathroomsIs his habit.But that’s just Greg,Our Governor Abbott. OrTrump’s money Must be very clean.It’s been laundered enough,Or so it would seem.OrGet to work.Elect O’Rourke.If you snooze,We’ll get Ted Cruz.Unlike a novel or biography, Venting Made Easy makes sense even if you read just one page at a time. It’s a great book to have on hand while watching the news. If you don’t want to read it, you can throw it at the TV when things are particularly maddening.