Weary and Fatigued; Added Weight of Being Black


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Despite over four hundred years of slavery and intimidation, the Black man continues to be dehumanized, delegitimized, degraded, and destroyed. He has become fatigued and weary from the great burden placed on him by society. This heavy weight of systemic racism, covert discrimination, and an unyielding blanket of segregation would have sapped the energy of any other man. These sanctioned acts, in many cases, by the state, have given birth to the worst outcomes as measured by any metrics.Among these adverse outcomes are the great inequality in health care as laid bare by the Coronavirus, the failure of the thousands of small business by minority owners as the disproportionate aid to small business continues unabated, and the poor educational outcome continuing despite the recommendations of the Cerner report over fifty years ago.This book is about a criminal justice system designed and determined to jail people instead of arresting the root cause, a mass media where awards appear to be blind to diversity, and the perception of the Black man as riddled with connotation of negativity.