What a Friend We Have in Jesus

LaTonya V. Leverette


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This book is about the three most important things in my life, which are my relationship with God, family and friends. These three are the perfect combination to a wholesome and rewarding life. I truly believe God will gift you with the right people to make your life complete. Nevertheless, you will face some trials and tribulations along the way. My life became more meaningful once I determined who my support group was. God’s discernment showed me so much. Most importantly, God was equipping me for my purpose and my calling into the Ministry even as a young child. It all made sense why I dressed up, in my mom’s high heels, and played church with my baby dolls in the living room, while listening to gospel music. God had a greater purpose for my life. God was equipping me to be a Minister. You will laugh a lot while reading this book. Laughter and prayer are the solutions to many of our problems. In life I have learned to pray and laugh a lot.