Jonathan A. Williams


STARSEC is a universe full of hundreds of worlds and thousands of civilizations filled with danger, charm, and adventure. Explore the dark and dramatic or examine the rare and wonderful. Accompany characters through awesome victories and spectacular defeats on worlds and environments from the edge of our imagination. Whether in a starship or on firm ground, every character has a unique story waiting to be heard.In WISALI, Mishah and Mikaiya are twin sisters who love each other, protect their ship, and are always looking for a way to earn money. As children, they lost their family to a terror attackā€”a bitter lesson from a universe that left them to fend for themselves. All that remained was their father’s ship, Rockfish. Now they live as survivors, scavengers, and move from one mercenary contract to the next to make ends meet and keep their ship running. They face the universe head-on in a high-stakes lifestyle on their own terms and never depend on anyone except each other.