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Children’s Fiction

Best Sellers

Our Lady’s Garden of Roses


Nogard and the Kingdom of Crimson Stone

Zackery Scott McConnon


They Call Me Aide

Jade Jackson


LYCAN The See’er

LG Hensel


A World Without You


Bunny Makes A Friend


New Arrivals

A Bike for Jack

Lynn Mackle


Reflections On a Journey Living With a Disability

Brian J. Woznicki


31 Days’ Journey Camino de Santiago

LiQiang Gong


Honoring Our Planet! THINK!

Linda Miller



Gary Hopper


Building a War Chest

Ryan Smith


On the Wings of the Dawn

Ronald H. Pritz


Highs and Lows

Kathryn Gilligan


A Journey of Hope

Mary Connolly


The Prostitution of a Nation through the eyes of Rahab

Lola Thomas


From a Mess to a Miracle

Antoine Graves Sr.


Thoughts from a Teenager’s Mind

Chad Gerald Crump


ORDER of The New Testament Church REVEALED

Dr. Michael Smith, Sr.


Jesus WASHES away my sin!

D. M. Merlette


When I Grow Up, I Want to Be… a News Anchor on TV

Brittany Slaughter


A Satire Sold

Allison Ince


Haiku and More

Cindy Tuttle


Common Sense for a Broken Serpent and These States United

Jonathan Schaffer


Homemade Living

Mary Ellen Yoder


Proverbs for the Single Parent

M.A. Groves