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Children’s Fiction

Best Sellers

Bunny Makes A Friend


Our Lady’s Garden of Roses


They Call Me Aide

Jade Jackson


LYCAN The See’er

LG Hensel


A World Without You


Nogard and the Kingdom of Crimson Stone

Zackery Scott McConnon


New Arrivals

Millie and John

Percy Townsend


Friends, Good Friends, and Such Good Friends

Stephanie Wagner



Fielding Tucker


Letters From Wankie

Patricia Friedberg


Carnival Communications



Little Kay’s Happy Day

James Patrick Carl



Oliver Houck


Raggsie Goes To Heaven

Ali Upton


The Priders

Emily Delgado


Life Speaks to You

Magdalena Julita Byra


Palaces and Castles

Hoot Bagilli


Go! Set a Watchman

Thomas Greaves


You Don’t Know Squat!

Michael Dexter Hankins


Prince BJ and Princess Patch’s Adventure into the Magical Forest

D. Lindsay Michelini


The Journal of a Six-Time Stroke Survivor

Darrell L. Craft


The Effect Of Divorce On Children Under The Age Of 18

Lorenzo Barr


Tails from the Farm

Pamela Ingram May


Don’t Let the Skin Win

Millard Miniard


The Clydesdale and His Master

Leslie Hall


Voices in the Silent Night: Poems about the Christmas Story

David Partie