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Children’s Fiction

Best Sellers

A World Without You


Nogard and the Kingdom of Crimson Stone

Zackery Scott McConnon


They Call Me Aide

Jade Jackson


Bunny Makes A Friend


Our Lady’s Garden of Roses


LYCAN The See’er

LG Hensel


New Arrivals

Glorious Gloria

Erika Tully


The Sacred Adventure of the Oshun Grove

Itechia Myton


Tommy Turtle

Britni Ann Illustrated by Greg Hanson


Where’s My Mommy?

Kathryne Hasley


Medically Speaking, Who Connects Your Dots?

Jill Fandrich, PharmD


Bury Me, I Will Grow

Rachel Keels


The Nativity

April Renner Curtsinger


What Would Jesus Say?

Dr. Mike Friesz


The Nism Book

Zephyr O'Zolochi


A Treasure Chest

Kumari Verghese



Michael Faith


Woman By God’s Design

Cynthia McGill


The Great American Writing on the Wall

AC Katz


The Big Book of Pointless Knowledge

Kathleen Olson


Finding JOY in Cancer

Dennis Docheff, Ed.D.


Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver

Dave Herr


For the Love of God and Family

Martha H. Robertson


Toe Toes

Shelley Brougham


Yes, You!

K.R. Davis


The Woman Doing It God’s Way

Gladys Hyman