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Children’s Fiction

Best Sellers

Bunny Makes A Friend


LYCAN The See’er

LG Hensel


Our Lady’s Garden of Roses


A World Without You


They Call Me Aide

Jade Jackson


Nogard and the Kingdom of Crimson Stone

Zackery Scott McConnon


New Arrivals

Poverty and Food Insecurity in Africa

Dr. Divine Tarla


Mr. Up: Life of a Substitute Teacher

Richard E. Klokow


Awakening The Healing Power Within Holistic Nutrition And Natural Therapies

Michael Palma


The Man Who Would Not Be King

Joe Hier


Save the Last Dance

Mandi Eizenbaum


Loved Child Forever Trashed

Cora Fleeta Hill


Hey, Sis! Notes of Encouragement for Faith-Filled Sister-Friends

Kimberly DeAnn


Hello. I Am Rebecca Mitchell

Deborah Reed Merrill


Born to SAVE

Pamela Ingram May


Tragedy to Triumph

Susan M. Gerhart



Gordy Carlson


Whatever you do….Don’t Blink

Hannah Cole


Life Before and After DNA

Tina Louise Jones


Brown-Eyed Blue-Eyed Cat

Kim Williams


An Alliance Reborn

Rachel Vanderwood


Abba’s Garden

David Crowden


Tell Me about Him, Mommy!

Katie Gainey


Checking the Mail: Letters to the Churches in Revelation

Gregory Mcaulay


The Angels Were Amazed

Mihai Oara


Boldly Encouraged

Sandra A. McManus