About Us

Welcome to ReaderHouse, your independent online bookseller! Our bookstore has been serving the online community for over 5 years, and we’re passionate about connecting readers with books they’ll love.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, ReaderHouse was born out of a love for books and a desire to create a welcoming community space for readers of all ages. We believe that books have the power to educate, inspire, and entertain, and we’re committed to sharing that magic with our customers.

Our Selection

We carefully curate our selection of books to ensure that we have something for everyone. From bestsellers and new releases to boutique publishers, we have a wide variety of titles to choose from. So whether you’re seeking self-help advice, career tips, relationship counseling, alternative health approaches, or entertainment, you can get lost in the wealth of knowledge at ReaderHouse.


Thank you for supporting independent bookselling, and we look forward to sending you your next book!