From the Lavender Gardens

Joseph Sener


Much, much before the time of Adam and Eve, in the beginning of the beginnings, once upon a time, there was a First Earth Age. God created the heavens, the earth (the first earth), and the light of th...
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Much, much before the time of Adam and Eve, in the beginning of the beginnings, once upon a time, there was a First Earth Age. God created the heavens, the earth (the first earth), and the light of the sun. He continued with His creative work and saw that all was good. Then God decided to create mankind in His image, male and female. God blessed them and instructed them to be fertile and multiply to fill the earth. God looked at everything He had made and found them so good. That was the sixth day, and the creation work of God was completed. God declared the seventh day as a holy day for His creation to repose and celebrate His work. All that happened during the First Earth Age.Then a spiritual war broke out in the heavens between God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, and His creation satan. This was war! In the end, satan lost the war against God. Almighty God recreated the earth and the stars around it. This was the start of the Second Earth Age. Adam and Eve were created by God at the beginning of the Second Earth Age. First, they were with God in Eden (a part of the fourth Dimension). God informed them that they were not to associate with satan. Against God's orders, they were involved with satan. God does not accept disobedience lightly; they lost their privileges with God. Adam and Eve, together with satan, were directed by God to leave the heavens (Eden) and told to establish their own lives on earth and survive together with satan in the days to come.We are the offspring of that time, and since then, we've been struggling on earth with the evil attacks of satan as a result of our own disobedience, which started with Adam and Eve. Our struggles on this second earth shall continue until the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the end-time.Our lives on this second earth during this Second Earth Age have been difficult, as predicted by God. The challenges of life on earth start from the time of birth on earth. We are persevering with the attacks of evil forces. Despite everything that can go wrong, we are trying to make our lives pleasant. Sometimes we offer to one another a lavender flower to heal and as a symbol of loving togetherness. Offering a lavender flower can heal our souls and is a gesture of goodwill. The beautiful aroma of the lavender flower brings back the lost days on earth when fighting with evil.Ultimately and unfortunately, we will lose this beautiful second earth to the Apocalypse--the Armageddon of the end-time. Humanity shall experience the Rapture and the different stages of the Apocalypse (from its beginning until its end), followed by the Millennium Age of our Lord, Jesus Christ, on earth. The Millennium Age of one thousand years shall be followed by God's eternal age. God Almighty shall come down to earth from the heavens. The earth will be renewed to be a new earth. And when He comes down, He will see you, and you will see Him.It is God's message that all of His believers who live an obedient life shall be saved and rewarded by God at the end. That may include you and me! The Millennium Age of our Lord, Christ, will lead us to God's eternal age. A new heaven and a new earth will be delivered to humanity. The heavens and the new earth will be connected as one, and God will come down from the heavens regularly to see His creation. And His creation will see their Creator, God, many, many more times during the eternal age. All blessings and praises are for God Almighty and His Holy Trinity! Amen!
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