God’s Divine Teachings

Dorothy Angkahan


The reality is, few believers have the time to search God's truths in the Bible, with its array of subjects (teachings). Therefore, handbooks on God's divine truths (Scripture) from the Bible are usef...
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The reality is, few believers have the time to search God's truths in the Bible, with its array of subjects (teachings). Therefore, handbooks on God's divine truths (Scripture) from the Bible are useful tools to do away with the tedious work--searching through the pages for specific teachings in the Bible. But a word of caution, handbooks are not written with the intend to deter one from studying one's own Bible, but to use as a tool (reference) alongside one's Bible--as one seeks God's truths in the Scriptures with the Holy Spirit's help (Jo. 14:26) and using spiritual discernment to study God's word ( 1Cor. 2:14; 2Tim. 3:16). This book also serves the same purpose, a reference tool, to help those who want easier access to specific teachings in the Bible. For example, and presented in this book, the origin of evil is in the Bible, yet it can be time-consuming to search through the Bible for the teachings on the origin of evil if one has limited time on hand. In this book, one will find a useful commentary, written in layman's terms that will give a step-by-step approach on the teaching on the origin of evil from the Bible--What is evil's origin? And why evil exist?--As well as the other teachings from the Bible presented in this book. The truth is when a repented sinner is saved through the Lord Jesus Christ (Jo. 3:16, 17), God's intentions for His children (in Christ) is to become knowledgeable on His divine teachings in the Bible. Yet there are those who are not familiar with the divine teachings in the Bible and may believe it isn't necessary to study God's truths (Scripture), as long as one is saved (Jo. 3:16, 17; Ro. 10:9, 10; 2Tim. 1:9, 10). But that isn't so, according to the Bible, for example, if a believer is going to carry his cross to follow Jesus (Mt. 10:38), then he needs to understand what he is up against--his spiritual warfare against evil spirits in the world (Eph. 6:12) in order to remain steadfast in the faith and overcome the day of evil, when forced upon him (Eph. 6:13). And according to the Scriptures, one needs to know God (Jo. 17:3) in order for one to know His will for a believer's life; and the only way to know the true God is with the Holy Spirit's help (Jo. 14:26), and this is also taught in the Bible--the importance of the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures in a believer's life (Gal. 5:25; 2Tim. 3:16). And if a believer is to follow Jesus Christ's example here on earth, then he needs to learn what the Scriptures teach about the Son of God, Jesus Christ ( 1Pe. 2: 21). In fact, the more knowledge one gets studying about the teachings on God and His specific attributes (love, mercy, justice, etc.) and His other divine truths on prayer, faith, works, and stewardship (Phil. 4:6; Jas. 2:14-26; 1 Pe. 4:10) etc. in the Bible, one may become better equipped, with the Holy Spirit's help and God's word, to face the challenges in life, through the Lord Jesus Christ. May God's truths from the Bible, presented in this book, enrich and enlighten one's life today and onward for God's glory. As for all interpretations of God's word in any book, including this one, please carefully compare with the Scriptures (2 Tim. 3:16) and use spiritual discernment ( 1Cor. 2:14) with the Holy Spiritual help, then one will not be misguided but enlighten to understand God's divine teachings from the Holy Scriptures. May one seek wisdom from God today (Jas. 1:5-7).
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