Life’s Ponderous Adventure

Ed Grover


The author hopes this book will bring to the reader's attention and focus the value in reflecting on various, often differing perspectives of our world. It seems many people live out their lifetime, ...
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The author hopes this book will bring to the reader's attention and focus the value in reflecting on various, often differing perspectives of our world. It seems many people live out their lifetime, rather unthinkingly, without ever considering seriously, any purpose for their life beyond immediate personal pleasures and satisfactions. Then they die, so they seem to think. A little intuition and insight soon reveals there is much more to our world than what we can see and that each of us has a real purpose for our existence. A basic truth the author points to is that human purpose is unattainable in isolation. Our thoughts, no matter how lofty, are worthless unless they are communicated and shared with others, in love. And so, he says, he writes. This book brings forth numerous ideas and inventions, discoveries and talents revealed in literary, mathematical, and art forms, all manifestations of God's handiworks revealed through our humanness. The book also points to the humble efforts, the drudgeries of routines, even the poverty of so many humans and how God values and honors every individual who sincerely lives to please our Creator, God, no matter their station in life. God's creativity didn't end the sixth creation day. Yes, God rested on the seventh day, and He instructed us to do the same. God's creative time marches forward, never static, but rather dynamic, energetic, ever-changing, evolving with ever-emerging newness and promise. Amazingly, God endorses and promotes our own human creativity with an important caveat. It is difficult to find a place on our earth's surface not rearranged to suit our human generational whims. In so many situations, we have failed to clean up our messes. God gave we humans dominion over the whole earth. What we've collectively failed to understand or live up to is that dominion involves responsibility, conservation, and ownership. Ever since the reformation and its associated human upheavals, technology has, with continuing acceleration, produced marvelous time-saving, creative accomplishments. That is, for the minority of we humans fortunate enough to access them. But what about the majority, the masses of forgotten humans worldwide, living in deep poverty, often homeless, their own resources confiscated by greedy entrepreneurs? And what about earth's surface, so deeply wounded and scarred by human mining interests? Sad to say, if the tables were reversed, and the presently forsaken masses of humanity were somehow to become the privileged, it would be no different. We humans are all selfish sinners So who's responsible? Don't blame Satan and his demons. All they do is suggest to us mindful humans. Every evil ever manifested could be traced back to human sins. And is there any possible solution to the messes we've made? Of course there is, but few find it. The whole creation, life, and humanity, Satan and his demons, the beauties and the sufferings all come into focus in Jesus. It's all about Jesus and his love for we humans. The author's writing style is suggestive of an ascending vortex (cyclone) of information that first focuses on some primary aspects of us and our world, written for the early childhood reader. It then spirals upward to give the reader deeper perspectives on similar topics, now written in format readable by primary students. Continuing to spiral upward, it is now addressed to intermediate level students, utilizing still greater depth of reasoning and language used. Finally, the book looks deeper into advanced studies of some chosen topics. Bless us all, dear Lord, in our efforts to better know your creation and You.

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