Standing on the Wings of Eagles

Charlene D. Crawford and Co-Author Yvonne E. Crawford-Burns


Charlene left a legacy for the family in her writings affirming the fact, “We Are Standing on the Wings of Eagles.” The purpose of the book is to depict black life in contrast to suburban,...
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Charlene left a legacy for the family in her writings affirming the fact, “We Are Standing on the Wings of Eagles.” The purpose of the book is to depict black life in contrast to suburban, inner city, especially black church life. Show the futility of diverse lifestyles. An integration of the personal and political—the past on the present. The book was written by the eldest sibling prior to her unexpected death. Three days prior to her death, on March 10, 2003, Charlene wrote the following in her personal journal: My thoughts. My plans. My prayers. It is my prayer that everything I am, everything I hope to be, lines up with the perfect will of God. ...CharleneFew people can deliver words of blessing and encouragement at the perfect time when that “hug” is needed. Charlene was one. She was able to discern just the right time and need. Of course, she was so many years ahead of her time, it was if she had been here before writing all she saw in her notebook for future reference. Acquaintances are many in life, but true friends are few. Charlene was my true friend. I cherish her love and memory. I can still picture her singing with her mother, Lena, and family. They created such a perfect harmony that it could only have been orchestrated with God conducting. Charlene had a special way to let you know what she thought even if she did not agree with you. She was always ready to take time to do for others. She was God’s voice and God’s feet (serving) doing what she was able and supposed to do and leaving the rest to capable God. I was truly blessed to share a part of her time on earth. You are missed. God bless, my friend Charlene.—Elizabeth Marsh-AddisRetired teacherGod has a way of placing people into our lives when we need them the most. Charlene was one of these persons for me. I had the awesome privilege of meeting Charlene while pastoring my second church, the Bethel AME Church in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Bethel was Charlene’s home church. It was the church where her mother, Ms. Lena, was the minister of music and served for over fifty years. It was very apparent to me, as their new pastor, that this family was exceptional in so many ways, and family, both their own and God’s family, was at the center of their joy and sincere service to the Lord. It was so obvious that Ms. Lena was a mother who was deeply steeped in the Lord and quietly, yet boldly, prayer was at the heart of her daily disciplines. After Charlene began attending church again, she got saved and recommitted her heart once again to the Lord. Additionally, I was honored to pastor her younger brother, Darryl, who was also called to the ministry and is now serving as the assistant pastor in New Jersey and one of Ms. Lena’s daughter’s, Yvonne, is serving as a senior pastor of a church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Subsequently, all of Ms. Lena’s children are currently serving the Lord in ministry. Charlene’s mother left a God-fearing legacy for all her children to follow. They, indeed, are “standing on the wings of eagles.” As I watched Charlene grow in the Lord, it was not at all surprising to me that she had tapped into the Spirit of the Lord and was alert and inquisitive, holding tightly to God’s Word. Charlene foresaw the importance of documenting the revelations sweetly whispered in her own ear, leaving a legacy for generations to come. Thank you, Charlene. “Write the Vision And make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry”(Habakkuk 2:2–3)!—Rev. Dr. Brenda J. GreggSenior Pastor, Destiny of Faith Inc.Founder and Executive DirectorProject Destiny, Inc.When Charlene was alive, she always dreamed of publishing her book. This is her dream being honored. We wish you could have been here with us.—Love, your sister, Nita
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