The College Stalker

Shannon Reland


Braelynn and Jennifer graduated high school. Both of them got accepted to the same college in New York. It was called the Academy of Arts. Braelynn wanted to be a fashion designer, and Jennifer would ...
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Braelynn and Jennifer graduated high school. Both of them got accepted to the same college in New York. It was called the Academy of Arts. Braelynn wanted to be a fashion designer, and Jennifer would like to become a professional photographer. Braelynn came from a large family while Jennifer was an only child and lived with her mother until she passed away from cancer during their senior year of high school. They were related through their mothers. They were cousins and very close like sisters. Jennifer's mother passed away a few weeks before graduation.No one knew what happened to Jennifer's father. Braelynn's family took in Jennifer when her mother died. She wanted to sell everything except the important things that she cared about. Jennifer didn't want any reminders of what happened to her growing up.Braelynn's parents divorced when she was fifteen. Her father was cheating on her mother, and he got caught by her oldest brother.Braelynn and Jennifer drove down to college and got settled into the dorm room and their classes. They passed each other from time to time, but that was it during the day. They did have different classes after all.They were studying hard, going to a few parties, meeting new people, and seeing some familiar faces from their classes. They thought about pledging to some sororities, but later, they saw that they were not their cup of tea. They made a lot of friends, which was always good. That was how Jennifer met her girlfriend Leigh-Ann. They went home for the holidays and summer breaks as well.During their junior year in college, they found out that they were related to one of their friends named Olivia. Her mother got Olivia's mother's phone number so they could talk and meet for the first time. They planned for everyone to meet over Thanksgiving break and help them get to Maine from Ohio.John stalked her for a while because he wanted to date her, and she nicely refused him. She let him know that she was in college to study her profession, and she was not interested in starting any kind of relationships for the time being. He didn't take no for an answer and started following them around campus. She asked him politely to leave them alone, and he still followed them.It got so bad that they had to change their schedule on the weekends to run errands. They even changed where they would go out to eat and get their breakfast if that was what they wanted to do. She was not letting him scare her off though. She was still living her life. They went to the same places, just different times. He finally took the hint and left them alone for the time being. He saw them at a few parties and tried to dance with her. Their guy friends put a barrier around them girls, which she was very thankful for.During their last year of college, he asked her out. She said as friends, and that was the start. They went out together with other couples because she didn't know John and didn't want to be alone with him. After a while, they started dating. They went to a few parties together with her friends. Jennifer and Leigh-Ann went too. She lost her virginity to him, and later in their senior year, she became pregnant by him. He didn't use protection, and she was inexperienced, so she had no clue what to do. She had the talk with her mother but really didn't know about that sort of thing.John told her that he couldn't be the father because he had a childhood accident. She told him that she never cheated on him, and the baby was his. He left her standing in the middle of campus, crying in Jennifer's arms.She let her family know during Thanksgiving break. Her brothers wanted to kick his butt because as a young man, he should have taken precautions.Her family let her know that they were behind her no matter what she decided!Did John try to get back with her?What would happen to the baby?To find out, read book 2.
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