The Hate In Their Heart, Should Not Be Part Of Your American Management Journey

Donnalakshmi Selvaraj & Indira Selvaraj


(July 2020) Just released the book titled, "The Hate In Their Heart, Should Not Be Part Of Your American Management Journey." This is a timely release of a book that identifies and discusses Hate-Base...
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(July 2020) Just released the book titled, "The Hate In Their Heart, Should Not Be Part Of Your American Management Journey." This is a timely release of a book that identifies and discusses Hate-Based (i.e. to dislike, detest, abhor, loathe, despise someone) verses Management-Based (i.e. referring to laws, company policy, strategic intent, data, analysis of information) decision making. This is the SAME Hate-Based and racially motivated decision making used by police, causing violence in America, sparking protests and demonstrations that have quickly spread throughout America and worldwide in 2020. Hate and unethical practices by the police, including murder, have stirred the hearts of people in America and worldwide to demand fairness and justice from police personnel when they perform their job duties. This is the SAME fairness and justice people expect at work when they perform their job duties; however, often times they do not receive this fairness based upon perceived racial and gender injustice, which is the subtle form of Hate-Based decision making that Managers so often explain away to justify and hide "the hate in their heart" and their Hate-Based decision making.This book has been written by two women of color, a mother and her daughter, based upon over 60 years of their combined work experiences in Human Resources/corporate level (mom was an EEO/AA Officer), public, educational, health-care, community-service and faith-based environments and a combined educational background of degrees in Business, Environmental Science and Ministry. These authors take you through this book on a private journey of YOUR Management-decision making to identify "if" YOU make Hate-Based verses Management-Based decisions at work, which is the place where most people try to "live out their American Dream" to make money and/or sustain their respective lifestyles.This is an EXCELLENT book to take a journey through the development of AMERICAN MANAGEMENT theories and practices and to also identify Hate-Based versus Management-Based decision-making. Please note, it was thought the inception of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protected employees against Hate-Based decisions such as discriminatory and retaliatory practices based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin; unfortunately, this Hate-based decision making is back in the workplace.The book starts with references by American politicians encouraging ALL to listen to our better angels. This is a book about Management from an Employee's perspective and also includes multiple WORK BOOKS for Management to privately self-assess Hate-Based verses Management-Based decision-making and also includes EXAMPLES of "best practice behavior" so Managers can self-correct their own behavior. This book is to essentially encourage humane, moral and ethical Management-Based decision making.This book is a follow-up book to the Employee resource book titled, How To Work In Hell Successfully And Not Get Burned By The Flames. Both books have been written as a RESOURCE BOOK for Employees and Managers in the post-2008 Great Recession workplace where economies have been shaken worldwide and getting and/or keeping a job has become more and more challenging due to Hate-Based decisions by Managers.These authors take you on an informational, entertaining, and humorous journey of the history of American Management and American Startups while highlighting one's ability to make Management-Based verses Hate-Based decisions. The Authors gently challenge your heart to self-assess YOUR decision-making process to ENCOURAGE you to make Management-Based decisions as opposed to Hate-Based decisions in an effort to allow YOU and/or the organization you work for to move to your next level of well-being and prosperity – a Management Model to transform your organization from "surviving to thriving" is also included.The Authors hope you will ENJOY this American Management Journey and that this becomes an American classic because they bring to light an age-old and timeless issue of HATE and how "hate can enter into one's heart," which can adversely affect one's ability to thrive, verses just survive, at work or in life - Amen.How to Work in Hell Successfully and Not Get Burned by the Flames: 
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