The Mystery of Seeing God With My Own Eyes!


The Mystery of Seeing God with My Own Eyes is written by Delton Richardo Woolcock through the Holy Spirit, as the Spirit gave me the conviction to the truth of my heart and life experiences to See GOD...
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The Mystery of Seeing God with My Own Eyes is written by Delton Richardo Woolcock through the Holy Spirit, as the Spirit gave me the conviction to the truth of my heart and life experiences to See GOD with my very own eyes.My spiritual vision of the Holy Spirit appeared to me in the Vancouver Revival Center Church, Australia mission church, headed by pastor Nat de Panama. During my time with the church, God had blocked my memory of seeing him with my own eyes, ‘til year of 2019. As it says in the Bible, “God spoke to prophets by the way of a dream and visions” (Numbers. 12:6). God spoke to me by an awakened trance vision and not in a dream or under any narcotic influences.The vision of The Mystery of Seeing God with My Own Eyes came to me in 1990! This story is not fiction but a detailed record of events that led me to the church where my naked eyes and ears were unblocked to experience communication with God and visual appearance of GOD as an atmospheric man form without any sexual definition. This story of seeing God with my own eyes is based on a true story! It is truly amazing and a true story that I Delton Richardo Woolcock saw GOD with my own mortal eyes!This is what a man must do to save his Spirit from judgement of underworld city of hell. Hell is the place where God sends the spirits for punishment of their sins after they die. The mind of the spirit is not the same as the mind of the physical conscious person. We are not aware of our selves living in sub conscious mind dream life experience within ourselves. I am because I experienced my inner child spirit communicate with me while I was in a dream. That is how I know the mind of our spirit is not the same as God's nor our own spirit within our own subconscious mind.The physical conscious mind of a man ends at death. It is disconnected from GOD’s mind and GOD wants our evil physical mind gone or no more. That is why we do not hear GOD’s voice in our heads. GOD is not a father to us in life and will not be to us in death. The bible says GOD is not the GOD of the dead. This is truth that you must at some point come to that truth either while you are alive or while you are dead. All religious believes that the soul lives on after death is false. All evidence of life does not support we ARE LIVING ON OUTSIDE OF THE HUMAN BODY. NOR RETURNING AT BABY! At birth we begin at a new innocent conscious and our life experiences shapes our conscious. We do not begin with the old conscious. The only thing is being reincarnated is our Spirits. Many feel they have lived before. This is true by their spirit only, God harness and recanted our spirits only not our outer external conscious mind.“Love, in all things you do, you do it by love” (1 Cor. 16:14) must be obeyed at all times. Without the expression of love for one another, our faith becomes workers of sin and dead. This is my one and only commandment I live by, “LOVE”. I exhort you to follow in love only and do that which is right in your own eyes and no one else’s eyes. OH, yes! You must obey the law of the land too or you will end up in a city jail living a horrible locked up experience. That has nothing to do with GOD but your own fault for breaking the law of the land.In accepting my vision, there is no doubt that GOD is he who he claims he is by my story of the, “mystery of seeing GOD with my own eyes”.Blessed are you—you are the true body of GOD and do know faith of love in your life. Use grace alone for our sins we do to each other... For this salvation is not of dead works that no man can boast but work of GOD in us. Obedience to God’s will is to abide in, “LOVE” ...Thank you for reading, “The Mystery of Seeing God with My Own Eyes!”
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