Unveiling True God The Father of Christ

Dr. Steven Christ


The purpose of this book is to bring truth as to who God The Father is and who we really are in Christ. Knowing who you are allows you to take back your power and authority over the God of this worldâ...
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The purpose of this book is to bring truth as to who God The Father is and who we really are in Christ. Knowing who you are allows you to take back your power and authority over the God of this world—Yahweh.God The Father of Christ and all creation is not the God of this world (John 18:36). The Father gave man dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26–28); through man's sin, power and authority was transferred to Satan/Lucifer. The Father cast Lucifer out of heaven down to the earth (Isaiah 14:12–14) vowed to be worshipped as God the Most High, the Father. Lucifer deceives the whole world (Revelation 12:9) into believing he is God The Father of Christ.The world is looking for this deception to occur in the future. In this book, I prove biblically this deception has already occurred twenty-five hundred years ago when Yahweh freed the Jews out of Egypt. Yahweh declares he is the God of the Jews ever since the land of Egypt and there is no other savior but him (Hosea 13:4). Before this, who was Yahweh? Our minds have been blinded by two thousand years of corrupt and false teachings that were set in place to maintain Yahweh's power and control over this world.Jesus Christ came into this world to tell the Jews the god they're worshipping—Yahweh is not God The Father. The Jews killed Jesus to save the Jewish nation (John 11:50–53) as His message would have completely destroyed the nation; this truth brought division within families. The Jews, with the help of Paul, gathered the children of Christ, grafting them into Yahweh's kingdom under the pretense that Yahweh is the Father of Christ, knowing he is the fallen angel Lucifer. The Father gave man markers to identify Lucifer and his fallen angels. One marker—they are chained in darkness. Yahweh always appears to men in thick darkness: Moses, Solomon, David, and the prophets.Yahweh/Jehovah is the god and ruler of this world, so the only way God The Father could help man was to be born into Yahweh's kingdom here on earth. Yahweh demanded shedding of blood—an innocent blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin. Jesus followed all of Yahweh's laws and statutes perfectly; He was sinless. Jesus gave himself to be man's blood sacrifice to appease Yahweh's wrath upon man. God the Father is perfect love; He is displeased with blood sacrifice of any kind. He told the Jews to stop but they continued making sacrifices to their God—Yahweh (Isaiah 66:3, Hosea 6:6–9). God the Father says killing of bulls and goats does not take away sin (Hebrews 10:4–6 ).I prove through scripture that Yahweh is not the loving God The Father of Christ. Yahweh does not have the Holy Spirit of the Father; therefore, he cannot create, he cannot raise the dead, and he cannot heal the sick. Yahweh needs the Father's Holy Spirit that is in all men to maintain his world construct; without it, this world would collapse. Yahweh keeps all men's souls in bondage and imprisoned here within the earth through sin and reincarnation; our spirit is recycled over and over till the day of judgment. Jesus came to teach us how to break free from Yahweh's matrix, being brought into God The Father's kingdom of light in the third heaven.Yahweh/Jehovah is the God of this world; his realm is the heavens directly above the earth and our planetary system. God the Father and Christ dwells in the third heaven aka the pleroma where there is no time, gravity, or matter. All things created emanate from the Father, Who is perfect love. He loves all His creation equally, so He has no favorites; no judgment or wrath towards His creation. This world is worshipping Yahweh; who comes from the Creator/God the Father. Yahweh is a jealous, angry, wrathful god that wants you to fear him. God the Father is the father of all things created; all things emanate from the Father so who can He be jealous of? Nothing.We are now living in the end times. Yahweh is doing everything in his power to corrupt God The Father's creation using all men of power having one agenda—to control the whole world through one world religion, one world government, and one world currency. In this book, I give you the tools needed to escape Yahweh's kingdom of condemnation, death, and destruction.
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