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For an individual's condition to be considered a social, political, racial, economic, or religious concern, a portion of the population typically agrees these conditions present complications in society and should be reformed.Today, the United States of America maintains an unrivaled global superiority in terms of economics, military, political influence, technology, and innovation. The reality, in fact, is the United States has never been united on major social, racial, civil rights, economic, religious, political, or moral issues that are important to its citizens and, unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. The situation has persisted for the last couple of centuries, since before the Civil War. Although the United States maintains an outer façade of peace and harmony, its soul is beset with an ideological crisis that is gradually transforming into a full-fledged ideological civil war in this country.What is United about the United States of America—The Ugly untold Truth provides an in-depth look at these issues which have divided America since the forming of this great nation. The goal is to spark intellectual and honest conversation among Americans from all walks of life to find common ground and understanding. These issues have been robbing America of its great soul for decades, and if this trend continues, America will see its end, not at the hands of a foreign power/nation, but from within.
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