A Dancer’s Final Bow

Louise Salisbury


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“A Dancer’s Final Bow” is a collection of autobiographical sketches based on her childhood in Colorado, her experience as a single mother, and her life as a dancer. “Chokecherries” evokes an early life spent in Cheyenne Canyon surrounded by Native American love. “The Cherry Coke” commemorates her first romance in the fifth grade. “Green” calls on memories of a nearly fatal sledding accident when she was thirteen. “The Boarders” reflects on her eleven-year stint as a host mother for foreign exchange students. “A Dancer’s Final Bow” describes a horrific accident which ended her dancing career. “The Breakdown” chronicles the aftermath of her dance career ending. Part II of the book contains portraits of eighteen women including: “The Idol,” her childhood babysitter, “The Chameleon,” a fellow dancer, “The Bitch,” a childhood frenemy, “The Coyote,” a Native American river runner, “The Artist,” a costume artist with whom the author worked, “The Old-Fashioned Girl,” a girl out of step with her times, “The Slut,” an infamous girl, “The Infanta,” the dying daughter of a friend, and “The Madonna,” a mother with sadomasochistic overtones.