A Killing Mind

Doug Williams


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A Killing Mind grabs your attention with the first sentence and won’t let you go. You might as well stay up and read it. That way you can avoid the nightmares, at least for one more night.If you want a cry baby, mamby pamby killer, don’t read this book. But if you’d like to read a word craft of human horror, just buy the book. The only hard part is getting his thoughts out of your head once you’ve read A Killing Mind.Ray is your slightly above average guy. He owns his own small company and works hard. He’s married to a beautiful girl who loves him, and they live together rather quietly in a nice house in a nice middle class community. The only difference between Ray and some other guy is Ray has special needs, the kind of needs that one does not discuss in polite company, or any other kind of company. No one should ever know of what Ray needs or does, but you will.