A Tapestry Woven

Peggy Morales


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If you believe there are no coincidences in life and we are on a destined path, then this book will attest to that perception. The story of Luz is where this journey begins. It is a powerful example of strength, of will to push through one’s fears, and of raw determination to survive. The lessons and examples of having the courage not only to survive but to ultimately thrive through some of life’s hardships eventually became the threads of knowledge that were passed on to Marianna.Marianna enters her life’s story only to be abandoned by her mother at the age of three months, her mother who was too young and unwilling to do “what it takes” to care for the children she brought into the world. Whether by “destiny” or by “coincidence,” this child is left with Luz, who had also survived her own tragedy of being left and abandoned after her parents had been killed. Luz would become a grounding force and guiding light in Marianna’s life.Marianna spends a lifetime behind the facade of pretending, showing people she was happy and willing to do most anything to show the world how well-adjusted she was. Marianna’s journey to discover she was accepted and good enough unfolds in a way that she is able to gain insight into life—her life—thus passing along her own threads of knowledge to her children and generations to come for more of the tapestry to be woven.