Bar Protocol

Dana Lyman


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Just a brief description of what you’re going to find in Bar Protocol. The information in this handbook is for those who may manage, work, or patron any bar or restaurant. This is not some miracle solution to making a bar or restaurant successful, but it may help in giving some informed ideas to the problems that may occur in the food and beverage industries.Bar Protocol will have some unique information and helpful hints that may help many individuals that have chosen to work in the food and beverage industry. Unfortunately, Bar Protocol will not be giving any information on the COVID-19 and the different forms of practices or standards that will be involved within the Food and Beverage Industry. Those individuals in Upper Management will be following the unique standards that the illustrious CDC and FDA will be handing down from our government. Try to follow these standards as best as you can, for those standards will probably change two weeks later. Be careful, be safe, and try to think of all the different ways to be thoughtful and enjoy yourself. It will all work out. Thank you.