Buried Secrets of the Scorned

Margaret Writes


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This is a story of darkness and pain written from the mind of a tortured soul.Lisa Brennan has spent her life battling her own internal demons that assault her in the form of dark nightmares and twisted visions that she cannot escape from. She uses the pages of her books to share her dark secrets and find momentary relief from the torment. She locks herself away from society and develops a cold, hostile exterior that thinly veils her otherness. When she moves to 4014 Cemetery Hill Lane, in a small town in Virginia, the chilling noises and strange events begin to pull at the shreds of her sanity. She starts on a journey to unlock the secrets that lay hidden in the dark and twisting halls of the house, which are inexplicably linked to her own inner suffering. The first in a series, Buried Secrets of the Scorned appeals to a wide audience who want a fresh take on the ghost story combined with psychological thriller. As Lisa gets closer to discovering the secrets of the house, she becomes further from understanding the secrets buried within herself, which leaves her questioning if the visions come from a much darker place than she had imagined.